Poems from the Unknown Poet
by Jerold Brown
Trafford Publishing

"There is a place that we go to,
In dreams,
It takes us from this world, the eroticblue,
As we float on moonbeams"

Reflective and philosophical, this poetry collection immerses readers in daily existence and the faith it takes to pursue what life has to offer. Each poem serves as a reminder or praise of the joys that nature, family, friends, a life well-lived, and a God well-served have to offer. Confessional at times, humble always, and like a series of passages seemingly straight from Psalms, this work is inspirational, encouraging readers to “no longer fear / For those who don’t understand” and to embrace the “peace for those of us / That do.” In other instances, the poems possess a Frost-like tone which transports readers into an intimate space where the peace of the natural world combines with the comfort of spirituality.

In its celebration of seasonal change, “Autumn” is a particularly noteworthy poem: “A taste of frost upon my lips, / And the fast turning night. / Autumn at last rips / Old summer out of sight.” Other poems like “A-Star” acknowledge existence and purpose humbly: “What am I but a / Budding light / As seen from the earth / At night.” This book is an excellent fit for readers seeking a meditative, prayerful reading experience, one they can incorporate into their daily lives. Other readers who seek a gateway into poetry will find an easy, welcoming, conversational experience. Strong in faith and friendly in tone, the poems in this book will delight while also challenging readers to take a few moments from the chaos of daily life and look inward at themselves and outward at the world around them.

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