Point Option: A Time-Travel Military Thriller
by Ian A. O’Connor
Pegasus Publishing & Entertainment Group

"He felt the hairs on his neck rise. He grabbed the phone."

Dave Fleming is a pilot with the United States Air Force. He is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he becomes a fighter pilot with the U.S. Navy attack squadron aircraft carrier. He loves his newest assignment, but it doesn't take long for things to start taking a strange turn. Odd occurrences begin to happen, which no one seems to be able to explain. Is time travel real, or is it all in these pilots' heads? Within just a six-day time period, Major Fleming finds himself on a whirlwind ride that even the most experienced pilot wouldn't be prepared for.

This unique and interesting story will keep both mystery and thriller lovers on the edge of their seats. It maintains a nice, even balance between the mystery and thriller elements and doesn't lean too heavily on stereotypical plot devices like others in these genres can be prone to. The dialogue can be a little sparse and stiff at points, but it still lends to the story and worldbuilding. The plot is also well-paced and gives just enough exposition to keep one guessing.

The mystery is withheld long enough to be intriguing and avoids boring readers by dragging it out too long. The take on time travel within the book is also refreshing and complex without getting too intense. Dave is fleshed out well as a main character and has an intriguing personality. These aspects keep readers hooked and wondering what happens to him next. O'Connor's book is definitely the page-turning experience most readers are looking for.

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