Pookie and Her Polka-Dotted Socks
by Jo Burns
URLink Print and Media

"Sunday is a rest day for Pookie; but all she can think about are Her polka-dotted socks."

This simple story for very young children follows Pookie, a young girl who loves her polka-dotted socks. Every day, Pookie wears a different color of these socks on her daily adventures. The book takes the reader through each day with the illustrations not only of Pookie and her socks but on a variety of excursions such as swimming with an octopus, exploring outer space, or hanging out with bears and apes. The storyline is repeated through seven days regarding her thinking about her socks while struggling with an underlying message that goes beyond just wanting to wear something warm and colorful on her feet. These lines repeat the phrase, "On (a specific day of the week) Pookie Loves wearing her (insert color) Polka-dotted socks." After her many exciting experiences throughout the week, the quote above (which closes the book) comes across as quite ironic.

Because of the story's repetition about every day being about the protagonist's socks, young children will easily be able to follow along as this repetition helps in learning. The pictures are bright and vivid, which will likely also engage young readers. Additionally, the story teaches about colors and reinforces what a polka dot looks like. The evocative illustrations will undoubtedly aid in developing youthful imaginations, although the repetitive nature of the text could potentially detract from the fantastic adventures that Pookie is experiencing. Still, if the person reading the book to the child focuses on these excursions, the tale can expand in its level of development to its full potential. This book will likely be especially helpful for very young children in the initial stages of language development.

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