"And that’s it, the source of her emotion, the hidden, uncomfortable part of her distress. The personal part."

In this emotional legal thriller, readers meet Bianca, a devoted aunt who cares for her Hodgkin's lymphoma-ridden niece, Josefina. Not only does Josefina struggle to fight the lymphoma ravaging her body, but she also navigates the grief she feels over the death of her young mother. After she and Bianca decide together that Josefina will not undergo the chemotherapy that swiftly killed her mother, an unexpected visit from CPS unravels Bianca and Josefina's world.

Meanwhile, readers then meet Associate Justice Dana Hargrove, a driven and savvy woman whose colleagues respect her strengths and tenacity in the courtroom. Bianca and Josefina's case enters Hargrove's hands, and readers follow the difficulties Bianca faces in pursuing what she thinks honors Josefina's wishes. Meanwhile, snippets of Hargrove's life give readers glimpses into the personal and professional balancing act that the brilliant woman tackles. Amidst all of this, a strange shooting and cover-up occur. Characters and plot lines intertwine to weave a complex mystery.

In essence, Kemanis' book is an engaging read, with plot twist after plot twist that will keep readers guessing. A major issue the novel addresses is the legal age of consent and adulthood in the United States. Readers leave the book's pages with a deeper understanding of the murky bureaucracy blurring the lines between medicine and law. The author provides a well-researched look at not only the legal world but also the professional hurdles faced by women in positions of authority. Readers in need of a heroine find one not only in Hargrove but also in the courageous Josefina. Cinematic in nature, the novel's complex plot lines will remind readers of some of television's greatest legal dramas. Fans of John Grisham and Lisa Scottoline will likely appreciate this book.

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