"Leadership is a lifelong journey on a path where you continue to learn."

Author Isaac has developed his leadership abilities and offers enlivened guidance based on personal and professional experience. He recalls that participating in sports as a youngster allowed him to be a captain of various teams. He advises readers to think about how others have encouraged them in the past and to assess their capacities with self-analysis and systems such as aptitude tests. Anyone seeking a chance to oversee others in work or other realms needs to understand the responsibilities that these might entail and begin practicing toward those goals. To accomplish this, Isaac suggests education, self-publishing, and copious reading as possible techniques, citing how these have benefitted other well-known figures. Many of his suggestions are highly practical, such as employing the right amount of space, eye contact, and position when conversing with others. He stresses that the reward for assuming a leadership role is a chance to encourage those qualities in others.

With experience in ministry, life coaching, and motivational speaking, Isaac brings to this significant subject his own familiarity as well as practical resources from a wide range of self-help writers and practitioners. The guidance presented contains examples that any reader might recognize as they hone skills for effective management. He offers his know-how with notable identification with the reader, having himself grown into the role he strongly espouses. He emphasizes the possibilities of using one’s acquired communication skills to take on teaching roles, Yet one must never forget the importance of self-study and the need to examine and improve one’s appearance and behaviors constantly. Every chapter offers opportunities for self-analysis and fresh ways of viewing these challenges. Isaac’s well-organized instruction is clearly designed for workshop settings for those aiming to succeed professionally and personally, becoming, like the author, trailblazers who can inspire others.

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