Prescriptions for the Soul: A Healthy Life as Prescribed by The Great Physician
by Ida Dean
Diamond Media Press

"We are given prescriptions, but if we do not fill them and follow the directions from your doctor, what good is it?"

This encouraging book is great for Christians seeking confirmation of God's healing power in a world debilitated by mental and physical health crises. Dean provides readers with biblical truths and specific examples of how Jesus healed the sick, changed the lives of the hurting, and restored the hearts of those who followed him. These detailed reminders serve as affirmations that God can and will heal his people and bring them through suffering.

Although the book jumps from point to point and lacks a certain flow, Dean does a wonderful job of painting a picture of a spiritual healer through incredible imagery. For example, the book begins by comparing the human body to an egg with three delicate parts—spirit, soul, and body. Dean goes on to define each of these parts in detail and explain their individual need for a heavenly healer.

As she guides readers away from their fear, abuse, and resentment, Dean fulfills the purpose of her book by pointing people to Christ. She raises questions that lead readers to conviction as she reminds Christians that their minds and bodies need to be healthy in order for Jesus to live inside of them. Not only does the book answer philosophical questions such as, "what is a spirit" and "where is the soul located?", but it also provokes deep self-reflection from readers about their own physical and spiritual health. As a result of reading her book, Dean's readers are given real-world applications on issues that will likely directly impact their lives.

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