Radioactive Era of Change
by Isaiah Lopez
Page Publishing

"Look, we aren’t gods. Just people like you, but evolved? Changed? Mutated? I don’t have the right word for it, but we are all still humans here."

When a meteor crash lands on Earth, survivors in the blast zone acquire powerful abilities that make them superhuman. Isaiah is one of these “supers” who awakens after being in a coma for thirteen years and finds his arm severed. However, his body is endowed with the ability to regenerate and manipulate water in exceptional ways. As he connects with other survivors, first in a research lab and later scattered throughout the apocalyptic landscape, he forms a potent pack with other supers who are trying to understand their powers in a new and terrifying world.

With his richly developed characters and action-packed fight sequences, Lopez has crafted a story that is entertaining and endlessly fascinating. Out of the wreckage, Lopez builds a world where humans and supers must coexist and navigate distrust, betrayal, and sinister objectives. The chilling realities of a devastated world are on full display through the plight of Isaiah and his found family of survivors, who are targeted and misunderstood as monsters. Their superpowers are vividly described and cover a range of exciting adaptations and strengths. Lopez excels at writing dialogue that develops the characters and enriches the story while also contributing to the pathos.

A range of emotions arise in the violent aftermath of a changed world: confusion, sadness, humor, love, and anger reign at various times as the story unfolds. The conversations are lively and revealing, fraught and furious, sharp and satisfying. In a reading experience brimming with violent endeavors and dystopian details, readers are plunged into the lives of an appealing band of superhumans fighting for their lives and for future generations against all odds.

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