Ready... Set... FROG!
by Katharine Mitropoulos
Set Sail Press

"Frog really wanted to rebuild the mountain so he could practice, but his friend needed his help. That was more important than a contest, wasn't it?"

Frogathan Spots, otherwise known as Frog, is a young frog who lives in Harmony Lane. His favorite thing to do is conquer challenges. When Frog finds out that Harmony Lane is hosting an obstacle course competition, his heart is set on training to win first place. Despite making his best attempts to practice, Frog does not get to prepare how he wants to. He is consistently interrupted by friends who need his help and skills. Before the competition, Frog is tempted to quit. He does not feel ready to compete. However, his mother shows him that while helping his friends, Frog was also able to train for the obstacle course. In the end, Frog wins second place in the competition. He is proud of himself for his selflessness but also resolves to set more time aside next year to prepare.

This children's book tells an adorable story about the importance of helping others. The author’s delightful tale is also enhanced by vibrant illustrations from Laura Watson that bring the story to life. Parents and children alike will enjoy reading this story about a Frog who learns the benefits of being selfless. In addition, the reader is encouraged to be helpful while also being reminded that it is important to take care of oneself. The moral of the story is smoothly woven into the tale, showing the reader the importance of practicing the Golden Rule without overtly stating it. Parents of preschoolers will find this book entertaining and educational for the young minds of their little ones.

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