"They have got to be able to mirror you and that includes pretending to be a chosen one by using God as a gateway."

Trauma comes in many forms, and some varieties are so subtle that, unless one sees (or is shown) the pattern, it's difficult to detect and avoid the ensnaring trap until it is too late. Dickey uses her own traumatic experiences of being in multiple abusive relationships to help others see similar signs in their own—patterns that she did not recognize until much later in life. The author specifically focuses on assisting those who may be in a relationship with a partner that exhibits narcissistic tendencies. Some of the patterns noted in the book associated with clinical narcissistic behavior include, but are not limited to, an exaggerated sense of self-worth and feelings of superiority over others, being charming yet controlling, extreme jealousy, gaslighting, and ensnaring others with special favors while expecting unquestioning compliance.

The author has crafted a powerful and palpable narrative, elucidating on each pattern through the lens of her own experiences and truth. Unlike mainstream articles or press on narcissism, her words are not bogged down with clinical terms or details that disassociate the very-real trauma with the condition. Instead, they are honest, heartfelt, to the point, and down-to-earth, successfully reaching the audience the book is intended for. Each relationship experience outlined is a bite-sized piece of wisdom, coupled with spirituality and clinical precision, pulling no punches on the specific patterns that the author became aware of upon reflection. Her words are a beacon of light and hope for those who may not realize that they are in abusive relationships themselves or who may not know how to escape them. The author's book will appeal to readers who are both spiritual and seeking help and counseling through either their current or past trauma with narcissistic abuse.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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