Revenge I Will Have
by Marlene Morgan
Archway Publishing

"...he lived with a woman with two distinct personalities for over a year."

Jake Logan is devastated when he discovers that his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Brooks, has stabbed his former fiancée, Alice, to death. Meanwhile, Jessica has fled to Paris under a fake name, but Jake eventually discovers that she is mentally ill and has connections to terrorists. Alice's family blames Jake for her death because they read a letter she wrote to him before she died, which revealed Jessica's troubled past. During Alice's funeral, there is an explosion that was meant to kill Jake. With the help of his former Navy SEAL colleagues, Jake investigates Jessica's connections to the terrorists and strives to stop them from carrying out any dangerous plans they have in mind.

In her engaging novel, Morgan delves into the themes of jealousy and obsession and their devastating consequences, which can sometimes be fatal. This is exemplified in the love triangle between Jake, Alice, and Jessica, where unrequited love can be dangerous and cause a lot of problems. Another important aspect that the author highlights is mental illness, particularly when left untreated. Mental illness can lead to self-harm and endangerment of oneself or others, making it a serious issue. Each character in the book has a unique voice that sets them apart from the others. Through their dialogue, readers are given an insight into the characters' personalities. In the narrative, the author creates a game of cat and mouse that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. With its many twists and turns, readers are sure to appreciate this book.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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