Rise of the Warrior Leader
by Claudio Chiste

"At first glance, Warrior Leadership may appear to resemble the Great Man Theory, bearing a resemblance to the actions of a hero combatting villains. However, a contrasting quality of the Warrior Leader relates to a softer, emotional aspect."

In this book, readers learn how to build effective trust and confidence with their peers in order to become a positive leader and steward to others. The leadership skills the book emphasizes are derived from the US Army Warrior Ethos. This ethos places special focus on placing one’s mission first, never accepting defeat, never quitting, and never leaving behind a fallen comrade. The book also examines how these principles are present worldwide in various militaries. The book constantly reiterates the importance of selflessness, courage, honor, and commitment as one strives to grow into a strong leader. The book also provides workplace examples that show how the skills discussed in the book can be effectively implemented in the real world. The book includes graphics and illustrations, which help guide readers through the leadership process.

This book is unique because it exemplifies not only how these practices function in the military but also in also their universal applicability across diverse disciplines. This is underpinned by an approach to leadership introduced as Ownership-driven Leadership, consisting of three components: Own who you are. Own the mission. Own the result. It features well-detailed discussions about the role of fear and how this inhibits one from reaching one's full leadership potential. It then discusses the physiological effects of stress and how those inhibit leadership. It provides valuable tips for overcoming and managing stress so that one can be the best leader one can be. Additionally, the book includes actionable strategies about how to manage group compliance and how to communicate effectively. It then clearly provides the steps of effective communication with examples so that readers know how to successfully implement these skills into their interpersonal communications and management styles. For anyone working in management or pursuing a career in business administration, this book is a unique tool to add to their sources collection.

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