Ronnie's Pool
by Lindsay Ann Fink
Balboa Press

"Ronnie the rabbit asks his parents if they could have a pool. So his dad hands him a shovel and Ronnie gets to work."

This delightful tale begins with Ronnie—an enterprising and creative rabbit—wanting a swimming pool. When he asks his mother, she defers to his father. The father rabbit considers for a while, then gives Ronnie the tool to do the job. Ronnie commences the arduous task of digging a hole. A few friends, such as Thomas the Turkey, Dane the Dog, Lucky Ducky, and Ronnie's sister, Arlene, drop by to offer advice and help as Ronnie works. Thomas spreads his feathers to give Ronnie some shade. Dane offers to race the rabbit to dig, Lucky is glad to help create a place to swim, and Arlene offers everyone carrot juice.

The digging takes all summer, and the friends' immediate plans change when the snow and ice come. The group enjoys the winter weather. When the thaw comes, they notice that the hole has filled with water. Ronnie jumps in, thrilled to have his pool.

This work is wonderful in many ways. For example, it is a sensory treat. The smooth, glossy pages are easy to turn, and the photographs and illustrations by Michele N. Tupper are beautiful, vibrant, and tell their own stories in gently humorous ways. Additionally, the lessons of the story are practical, sensible, and demonstrate kindness as well as the fruitfulness of collaboration. The underlying message is that if one wants something, it is important to persevere and ask for and accept the help that others may offer. In the story, each character helps in ways they can or are willing to do when useful. There is also a sibling relationship that young readers may relate to for its honesty. Ultimately, work, patience, and adaptability yield unexpected rewards.

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