"Do not put your faith in your thoughts and emotions; instead, put your faith in your inner guide..."

This autobiographical, inspirational self-help guide explores attaining an awakened life through a union of quantum physics, New Age-style spirituality, and modern psychology into what the author describes as a "New Mind Era." Dr. Cetin brings a universally familiar contemporary touch to an ages-old philosophy, including his seminal 2020 experiences in the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, cleverly bringing this metaphor into the book's thematic arc and title.

Cetin believes that "every misfortune or good fortune in our life can be traced back to a single choice made in our mind: the sacred choice between the ego and the inner guide." In down-to-earth, accessible prose, he offers a compendium of pertinent events from his life that support this philosophy, experiences conducive to his growth as well as those that caused stumbling blocks on his spiritual path. Perhaps having a spiritually inclined mother and a scientist father, both strong idealists, spurred his interest in how to combine both bents into a practical philosophy. The book might prove useful to spiritual seekers who look beyond the tenets of organized religion or with the flexibility to seek adjunct practices that augment their faith-based beliefs.

The narrative is both entertaining and informative as the author describes the same conflicts that all humans encounter. Cetin describes childhood parental expectations that sometimes did and sometimes didn't nurture a healthy sense of self, his challenging romantic and marital relationships in adulthood, mental and emotional health issues that developed along his path, discoveries and disappointments related to connecting with spiritual teachers, how these aided the development of his inner intuitive guide, and the perennial challenge of maintaining mindful awareness in response to personal challenges. He sometimes engages in a bit of hyperbole. Still, it doesn't detract from the book's core message: that we all can transcend ego-based logical thinking and engage with the intuitive, divine nature inherent in our human consciousness. Cetin amply demonstrates how engagement with our inner guide, with practice, can overcome even our most crippling fears and our habitual tendencies to create afflictive thoughts.

The anecdotes shared by Cetin, many of which are products of a decade of intensive study with an unidentified spiritual teacher in Virginia, shed light on many facets of life. Those who read widely will likely recognize that these spiritual truths are drawn from many different directions and traditions. Quantum physics meets spirituality in Tibetan Buddhism, which deals extensively with teachings about the mind and the paradoxes inherent in living in a physical form. There is also a long Western tradition observing this intersection. Cetin has joined the esteemed ranks of scientists in various disciplines and their search for spiritual enlightenment, or conversely, spiritual leaders of many traditions who are also trained in scientific principles.

Cetin has brought his unique personal experiences and reflections into this heady mix. He combines his narrative with a handy section of questions and answers that include inquiries into current affairs, such as "What is the meaning of this pandemic?" Ultimately, most of the answers to the deeper questions of life are not found externally but must be experienced within readers' hearts and minds. Cetin's book brings many deep spiritual truths to light in an easily browsed, twenty-first-century format.

A 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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