Salupo's Groceries
by Nick and Laurel Salupo

"Carolina and Nicolo had many lengthy talks, late into the morning hours about the prospect of a new life in America."

Growing up in a tiny Sicilian village was idyllic. Carolina loved the spectacular vistas, close-knit community, and the back-breaking work for everyday needs. She never really imagined any other life until she met a tall, mysterious stranger. How peculiar it was to have her perfectly content existence interrupted by a flood of new thoughts and feelings. The young couple began to bond as Nicolo prepared to report to the war front. He promised to return and marry Carolina.

Nicolo kept his promise. After their nuptials, the couple set sail for America. The journey would be long and arduous. The hope of a better life carried them through Canada to Cleveland, Ohio, where a small enclave of Italians was ready to receive them. Carolina then had their first baby. Nicolo worked construction. His wife called him the "human wheelbarrow." They saved their money until they could buy a house with room for a store in front. It didn't take long for them to grow their business and family. Their life seemed like a fairy tale until the unthinkable happened: an armed robbery, a tragedy. Would their new country give them justice?

The Salupos expertly narrate a perceptive story of their ancestors with a balance of nostalgia, humor, and reverence. The well-paced storyline focuses on the Salupo family's life journey. It highlights their community's incredible kindness and generosity, but it does not shy away from life's cruelties. They develop rich characters by sharing their deepest emotions. Sicilian culture is brought to life through food, faith, and relationships. The authors have crafted a timeless account of their family history which many readers can identify with. The result is a charming and engaging book.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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