Satan's Gold
by Michael Ray Ewing
Grand Canyon Press

"'How far up does this go, Director? Who else is involved?'"

In this cybercrime thriller, ex-FBI agent Tyler Jackson discovers that his nemesis, a computer hacker known as Daemon, is involved in a major hack of banking systems. Jackson has been pursuing Daemon since the hacker almost killed him the last time he tracked him down, intent on arresting him. Now, Jackson finds himself risking his relationship with his fiancée, Suzanne, as she implores him to let the pursuit of Daemon fall to the FBI. But Jackson can't let his vendetta against Daemon go. As the extent of the cyber hack becomes evident, Jackson realizes that he has more problems than Daemon as he is also being pursued by an assassin, which puts everyone he loves in danger. With the help of a small team, he follows leads that take him to a small island in the South Caribbean Sea.

Ewing uses his work as a Bell Labs engineer on the United States Federal Reserve's network as inspiration for this novel. Winner of the Emerging Writers Gateway Contest for the best new crime novel, the work portrays exceptional writing and an accessible plot. The book hooks the reader from its first chapter with its premise concerning cyber hacking of banking systems. His characters grapple with questions of right and wrong, rendering them rounded and relatable. There are moments of philosophical depth in this novel with characters discussing issues of trust and motivation. The plot is spellbinding with criminal and international intrigue. Lovers of crime novels will enjoy the storyline and fascinating characters as they are transported into the world of internet crime.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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