"We can all connect with the divine, for we all have consciousness."

Author Skye has assembled a storehouse of spiritual information drawn from many religious and sectarian fields. He includes revelations gleaned from his personal life with a mother who nurtured other-worldly insights and led him to the understanding of universal truths and connections from an early age. Skye’s work contains humorous, entertaining touches, such as the impact he felt as a young teen from what he calls his “Madonnatism,” referencing the popular singer whom he regards as a muse.

From a grandfather and others who had spiritual visions to impart to the boy, he gradually absorbed the sense that “everyone is spiritual to a certain level.” Through a career as a porn star with a preference for male partners, his spiritual search never waned, as he delved into yoga, rejected drugs, sought healthy foods, and recognized in many of life’s incidents a deep meaning and higher understanding that some people might miss. All these eye-opening moments he shares openly, cheerfully, and to the intellectual satisfaction of astute seekers.

Skye presents a lengthy treatise based upon remarkable, subjective experiences, constituting a memoir as well as a guidebook to inner exploration. As one whose public persona is widely known, he asserts here that such activities and feelings do not impinge on—in fact, are part of—one’s etheric journey. It is plain from the well-organized text he offers that he has created a role for himself as a mentor to a wide spectrum of followers who find themselves willing to take his solid, fact-based health advice and follow his lead into the realm of higher visionary powers. Skye, who presents poetry, relevant quotations, and a useful glossary, promises further volumes of his accrued wisdom to further elucidate his conviction that humans have light to share and truths to reveal.

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