"You must embrace the gift and make it your life’s work. It is how you can best serve God."

As Mehitable Munch nears her sixteenth birthday, there is no doubt that the visions which plagued her since childhood are indeed spirits. She confesses to her brother, Perry, about her ability, which her grandmother (also a seer of spirits) referred to as her gift. After tragic events force Mehitable to change the course of her life, she is invited by her friends—newlyweds Reuben and Polly—to settle with them on their farmstead at the far edge of the Vermont wilderness. As the newlyweds set up house, Mehitable establishes herself in their large barn with her beloved animals. Unfortunately, there are some supernatural entities that Mehitable isn't yet ready to handle. With no one in whom she feels comfortable enough to confide, she suffers through years of fear. After an old friend teaches her that she is more powerful than she believes, Mehitable begins to trust in her own instincts.

This second book in the author's Adirondack Spirit Series is a mesmerizing tale of family, love, loss, and, of course, ghosts. Because the story of Mehitable is set just at the turn of the nineteenth century, there are some interesting Revolutionary War ghosts introduced through Mehitable's calling to help earth-bound spirits continue their journeys. There is also Mehitable's own love story, which is as unusual as she is. Fans of the television series, The Ghost Whisperer will certainly enjoy this first offering of the generational series. The author includes a link to a free ebook, a prequel to this series, for readers who find themselves entranced by this fascinating and heartwarming read. With its intriguing subject matter, its historical details, and its psychological insights, this book grabs the imagination from its beginning.

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