Sick and Twisted
by Danny Salazar
Lettra Publishing

"The theory was that Scarlett had strongly believed that the more people she killed for Whiskers then the more souls she could capture for her rising evil spirt Heinrich Himmler who could one day relive on earth again."

Grandson George is totally unaware of the ultraviolent chaos that is about to descend upon him. The last thing he remembers is dropping off his beloved Grandpa Edgar at the slimy Senton Hotel to visit his creepy friend, Mr. Finger banger. It is also his grandfather's sixty-ninth birthday, and he wants to celebrate by hiring his favorite prostitute, Scarlett. As far as George knows, his grandfather is having a blast. The older man is also his grandson's best friend and role model.

Edgar's untimely death sets off a chain reaction of fistfights, kidnappings, rapes, and murders. Wild, vicious mobsters under a goon named Bugsy are chasing after Edgar's killer and destroying everything in their wake. They, too, have enemies with an equal proclivity for brutality. Rival gangs, thugs, and grave robbers are now engaged in warfare with Bugsy's crew. George and Scarlett are caught in the eye of this storm. It is an underworld to the underworld, where senseless carnage and debauchery are normal.

This is the long-awaited second novel by Salazar. It is a short book packed with gory and graphic violent action. Quick-paced and descriptive, the storyline careens, twisting and turning to an explosive conclusion. Due to the inclusion of grisly depictions of slaughter and sadistic sex scenarios, the book is obviously intended for adults only. Spelling and grammatical errors distract from the narrative. The characters are revealed through stylistic dialogue and humor. The author's skillful description of gory torture and murder scenes will likely delight fans who enjoy works such as Suicide Squad and Sin City.

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