Soaring Eagle with Many Coups
by James Safreno
Goldtouch Press

"He nodded and turned around to leave when I added, 'I feel I am a person who has no place in this world, not St. Louis in the white world, not the Shoshone village and not here.'"

This story is the incredible life journey of Jack York as he relates it to his grandchildren. He vividly describes his boyhood during the 1800s in the wild, surviving on his own and being adopted by the clan of the Mandan. His new family provides the love and safety he needs. Jack's numerous adventures cross over territories and cultures. He learns important lessons from being observant of people and his natural surroundings. Trusting in himself and his abilities is easy. However, trusting in others is his biggest hurdle. His stories of hunting, fighting his enemies, and living with the Native Americans keep the grandchildren glued to his side. The adventures ignite their imaginations while he weaves in lessons about love, friendship, and the meaning of life. Jack's fortitude and intelligence drive him through tragedy and hardship. His life's journey has many turns and twists as he navigates living in several cultures and being fully engaged in both sides of his family.

Safreno skillfully introduces dynamic, lively characters that instantly captivate readers, drawing them into the story. His complex anecdotes develop the characters in heartfelt, meaningful ways while creating a stronger connection to the core story. They are woven together seamlessly and crafted into a beautiful narrative touching on universal themes with which most audiences can identify. Human topics such as tragedy, loss, inequity, and the struggle to survive bind the events and characters together. This book will thrill readers of all ages. It is packed with adventure, action, humor, and survival. More importantly, it's a story of the indomitable human spirit, the desire to belong to something bigger than self and find happiness. Jack is a shining example of how kindness, perseverance, and a good sense of humor can pull one through the darkest times.

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