Social Change Is More Than an Oops!
by Dr. E. Beverly Young
Genesis Book Writing

"I believe there are no quick fixes to social change if one truly desires change to be sustainable."

Drawing from the rich source of her Internet blog posts, author Young has assembled a lively collection of strong messages regarding the state of the American union. Growing up as a Black female in the US, Young faced many incidents of outright racism reflected in her blog posts, exploring a wide range of issues beginning with an incident underscoring racist attitudes prevalent in a high school in late 2021.

One essay poses the pointed question, “Who You Frontin’ For?”, suggesting those elected to high office often concentrate on foreign affairs instead of serious, persistent problems here at home. Another question-based blog—“What Do You Bring to the Dinner Table?”—targets readers who profess high-minded beliefs but still harbor bias based on skin color. She praises the accomplishments of Martin Luther King on his “day” in January. She consistently delivers exhortations based on her Christian faith, criticizing the hypocrisy of those who claim such beliefs yet hold racist thoughts and commit racist actions, reminding readers of the significant phrase, “One nation, under God.”

Young, now retired, pursued a career centered on her certification as a police instructor, and has also worked as a teacher, author, researcher, and editor. Her writing style, as demonstrated on almost every page of this vibrant work and in its title, is conversational and personal while exploring many universal themes. She is at home with humor, satirizing her subject matter and “shouting” to the reader while covering topics that have clearly plagued her thinking because of the frustrations they evoke. Underpinning all the pertinent premises covered in her blogs is her stated belief that equality should be a given in American society, which is in keeping with the nation’s stated principles.

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