Soul Road: The Journey Home: A 1 Year Devotional
by J. R. Canuel
Author Reputation Press

"Some may say that I've changed
That Nothing about me is the same
It's all because of You, it's all because of You."

Devout Christian writer Canuel has arrayed a year's collection of poetic hymns for prayerful contemplation. Each offering is followed by a supportive verse from the Holy Bible. The works presented have the "sound" of songs, with forceful repetition and strong rhyme, so that the reader can imagine them as an opportunity for congregational sharing. Yet each one has a special power based on its subject matter to reach into individual life situations.

For example, "His Beautiful Light" speaks of healing a heart that has been hurt, while "Goodbye" invites the reader to leave all sin and doubt behind to be born again. In some poems, such as "Always," Canuel asks God for comfort for his readers: "I pray the grace of our Lord Jesus, / To be with you now." The book's year begins with a plea to the Holy Spirit to "now live within." Meanwhile, November, the month for Thanksgiving, offers several commemorative words of gratitude, as in "So How Can I Ever Thank You": "Only by Your salvation / I'm alive, yes I'm alive!" December brings a plethora of Christmas images and wishes, and the year concludes with a promise: "I will Meet You with All the Angels."

Canuel's call as a writer is on full display in this work. He is careful to credit several companions with contributing special impetus and inspiration for composing this year-long trek down the eponymous "Soul Road." His skill as a spiritual wordsmith is apparent in every entry, and readers will sense through these rhythmic ruminations the writer's struggles and triumphs as each new day dawns. His book could easily enhearten and encourage others to begin their own journey, with this volume as a daily guide.

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