Spark of Death
by Christopher Bates
Great Writers Media

"Sparks quickly pulled his sword from William's chin, causing a cut. He then sliced the beast at his right knee."

Due to his amazing physical attributes, combat expertise, and quick thinking, Sparks is recruited by a secret group of elite warriors called the Agency. They are tasked with high-risk missions designed to stop a terrorist organization known as Zion. It doesn't take long before Sparks realizes he is in a much bigger battle with bigger players. The struggle he is in introduces him to gods and demons, angels and werewolves. Sparks must navigate this world of supernatural warriors and espionage, and he even questions the side for which he is fighting. After dying, he is shown just how big the war really is and learns that he still has a mission to accomplish. Training with angels, he is soon thrust back into the fight.

Bates' novel is the first book in a supernatural action series. It includes many science fiction and fantasy elements, such as high-tech weaponry and a post-apocalyptic earth mixed with gods and demons and swordplay. Fans of Terry Brooks' Genesis of Shannara series will find this mash-up of settings familiar. Bates' writing excels during his imaginative action sequences. His use of characters from history, mythology, and religion creates an interesting group of characters. Most of his sentences are well-written and easy to follow, though spelling mistakes, often caused by homonyms, can distract the reader. Bates also throws in ties to our current world, such as references to the NBA or Rihanna, to attach his story to everyday life. Readers interested in epic stories with rich and highly detailed worlds may find that too much is thrown at them too quickly. However, readers who enjoy fast-paced stories with fantastic elements could be reading the first book of one of their new favorite series.

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