Special Interest
by Aaron T Knight
Roger Loff

"Then there were pages of mathematical formulas beyond their comprehension. In their haste to read the report, they almost missed an important piece of information."

There's plenty of cloak and a boatload of dagger in this satirical homage to international thrillers. Spies, counterspies, corrupt businessmen, terrorists, a femme fatale, a linebacker, and just a guy named Joe all become involved in a chase from one spot on the globe to another.

The action begins when a scientist is killed and buried in Joe's flower bed. Soon Joe's house is ransacked by someone looking for who knows what. Then Joe's contacted by a woman who convinces him to join her and her ex-spook boyfriend in a quest to unravel the dead scientist's work. It turns out it included a combination of moon metal plus an element found right here on earth. When conjoined via the scientist's secret formulation, it literally produces self-sustaining energy. Needless to say, powerful interests such as oil companies, utility conglomerates, OPEC, and others don't want an energy source developed that will put them out of business. So the chasing, gunfighting, hand-to-hand combat, and more is on from Virginia to Rome, London, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and, eventually, to the United Nations in New York.

Author Knight is an imaginative storyteller who sets the pace to fast-forward from the opening page and doesn't let up until his novel ends. His characters are mostly larger than life and are given plenty of opportunities to engage in all manner of derring-do. Keeping a closer eye on internecine conflicts than those between competing tenses, he takes readers along for a wild ride, with the primary seatbelt being one's willing suspension of disbelief. In short, it is a bit like Alfred Hitchcock's North By Northwest on steroids. Those intrigued by the possibilities may discover that this is indeed the book for them.

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