Spots and All My Dogs
by Leonard Lindros
Author Reputation Press

"Spots went on to amaze all through the many wonderful years that he was with us."

This endearing and delightful memoir chronicles the four-legged friends leaving a lasting impact on Lindros' life over the years. So deep is his affection for dogs that he always considers them a part of the family. Throughout his book, the eighty-year-old author profiles dogs that hold special meaning across generations of his family. He reminisces on their unique characteristics and the happy memories (and sometimes dramatic events) of each of them, making for a wholly charming reading experience.

He begins with his childhood dog, Spots. An only child born in the Bronx and raised in Mount Vernon, New York, Lindros remembers the arrival of Spots in the fall of 1946. Spots is a funny and smart puppy born from a Dalmation mother and a beagle father. Lindros comes to love the pet and shares a "brotherly bond" with the "wonder-dog" of the family for thirteen years. He primarily recounts fond summers and weekends spent in Garrison, New York, and of Spots' love for playing in buckwheat and performing tricks. He recalls a particularly memorable cold winter night when Spots saves the family after they fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Additionally, Lindros features other notable dogs that shape the lives of his children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, and other family members. By the book's end, Lindros highlights the newest family member, Luna, a cute "Labraheeler." Writing with such accessibility, Lindros puts the reader at ease, and one feels as if they are sitting with him in a living room or the front porch, sharing these appealing stories. Pictures throughout the narrative also give readers a photographic image of each dog or its likeness when a photo is unavailable. This book is perfect for all dog lovers and a fitting reminder of how much these four-legged companions can enrich lives.

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