Springtime in Summerfield
by Dianne H. Lundy
Primix Publishing

"It all depended on Cody and what he thought of the TNR program and of pairing up with her to trap the cats."

Elderly Miss Betty Applewhite has many feline and canine buddies. Currently, she is training her cat Toby as a decoy to ensure that firefighter Jennifer and police officer Cody get together frequently. Her plan is that they volunteer in a Trap, Neuter, Return [TNR] project, fall in love, and marry. Another group that interests Miss Betty is her gardener and his family. His youngsters—boys in his extended family—are preparing for their futures and take an interest in the events around them. Included in Miss Betty's cronies and admirers is Gloria, her friend and caretaker, whose daily visits help Miss Betty live in her home safely. Trouble begins as cats begin to disappear from their homes, and the police become suspicious of an unmarked yet apparently respectable white van that is new to the area.

This mystery/love story is reminiscent of 101 Dalmatians. A couple bonds over their volunteer work for feral cats. A caring community of people is menaced by unknown villains who kidnap their beloved felines and hurt those who try to stop them. Like the aforementioned movie, however, this book has a light touch. The community's response, as well as the book's love story, are heartening and humorous. For instance, are Jennifer's teasing housemates always watching Hallmark movies at night? Are they as innocent as they seem to be? Will caring and teamwork triumph over deception and greed? Photographs included by the author complete the story. This engaging book is part of a series that is especially good to read when one is cuddled up with a furry friend.

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