Stepping Stones for the Heart: Awakening with Jesus
by Ann Paulson
2020 Literary Group

"When you encounter amazing spiritual events in your life, be reaffirmed that these things can and do happen."

Author Paulson recounts her visions, conversations, travels, and training with the one she calls Jeshua—Jesus—and some of his followers in this touchingly transcendent memoir. Her connection with the etheric realm began in October 1999 when she found herself involved in incidents of “cross channeling.” During these times she would speak truth, and others would listen and take her words seriously. However, she could never remember what she had said. She began to read books based on such experiences and point to a connection in mind and heart to higher realities. Still, she would not have said she was special or overly religious at the time.

On a Sunday morning, while driving home from a spiritual meeting, she heard voices telling her that Jeshua was giving her a gift. Then followed years of closer and more amazing contact with Jeshua, his angels, his mother, Mary, and many more significant beings. Their messages began to make her feel that she had a role to play in her own life as a spiritual communicator who might influence and awaken others. She would come to understand that she had been alive when Jeshua walked the earth and was, in fact, his cousin Miriam. Talking to him and visiting places referenced in scripture and outside the specific reach of Christian writings, she found that she had had two other previous incarnations—one before the earthly life of Jeshua, as the wife of the Old Testament’s Joseph, and later, in the Middle Ages, as a nun, Rita, who is regarded as a saint of the Catholic faith.

Conversations and journeys with Jeshua to the past and to current places like Egypt and Italy became a part of her routine, along with her full-time job and motherhood, and she was grateful to be able to share her revelations with her husband without any doubt or scorn on his part. At some point, Jeshua’s message was clear: she was to write a book with the quotations she had been faithfully recording and the memories she carried of their communications and to share with others the depth and meaning of her extraordinary encounters.

Paulson, who here reveals her gifts as a writer despite her modest proclamations of her abilities, has composed her recollections as though they might happen to anyone since she claims no special status for herself. She invites readers to seek for themselves such glowing, astonishing connections as she has been privileged to see and hear. For earth-bound exercises to strengthen those potential bonds, she suggests such practices as meditation, using gentle music as a background to that effort, and “automatic writing”—quietly awaiting messages from beyond one’s ordinary self and writing them down exactly as heard. Her book is generously endowed with Jeshua’s proclamations, historical information, and religious themes not always confirmed in standard Christian lore. As well, she offers a solid list of references for readers to explore if they wish to follow her alluring pathway. Those who read Paulson’s work will want to probe the pragmatic points and the uplifting mystical elements she has so clearly set forth in a work that invites group discussion and individual contemplation.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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