"The sun was still coming up, beaming brightly... I was breathing"

Life can change instantaneously, as Abello learned all too well on a sunny September day in 2002. She was on a run with her husband when a car hit her, propelled her into the air, and set her down approximately forty yards from her initial position. As a result of the accident, she was in a coma lasting a week. Her awakening from the coma without lifelong impairment was a possibility. She had suffered previous injuries throughout her life, and her resolve was strong enough to overcome obstacles. The traumatic brain injury (TBI) she suffered from the accident meant her mind would take longer to recover than the rest of her body, but rehabilitation and therapy would aid her. The importance of a strong support system through friends and family has been a key factor in her convalescence.

This is an inspiring memoir where the author writes about a truly painful experience that nearly destroyed her life. The trauma of her accident and the harrowing days that followed left scars that lingered long past the darkness of that September day. Abello candidly reflects on her journey over the last two decades as her emotions run through a continual gauntlet, each accomplishment followed by a new challenge. The reader will not only be following on but rooting for her to succeed as the story nears its end. The author’s book is not merely a survival story but also a guide for emotional recovery from a near-death experience. Abello’s words will strike a chord with those who have experienced similar circumstances or know someone who has.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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