Take Us Flying Kiko
by Lyn Y
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"Nothing made them quite as happy as learning about aviation."

Seven-year-old brothers Joshua and Elijah are deeply fascinated with anything that can fly, from kites to airplanes. They wonder why certain creatures and objects can take to the air while others remain on the ground. Thankfully, they have Kikoman, or “Kiko” for short, their knowledgeable macaw friend, to teach them about the basics of aviation, including a brief glimpse into its history. The brothers come to understand Newton’s Third Law of Motion as it pertains to flight and the importance of forces such as lift, weight, thrust, and drag in navigating through the air. Before too long, they can apply what they have discovered to their daily lives and have a deeper appreciation of what they find soaring overhead.

The organization of this exploration into aviation is perfect for getting younger readers interested in the subject. Broken down into several short chapters, the lessons are delivered by a fun cast of characters in a way that is reminiscent of The Magic School Bus series. For example, one chapter introduces the fact that Kikoman’s distant ancestors were dinosaurs like airborne pterosaurs, while the following chapter discusses different types of present-day flying animals. All the lessons move in this same gradual progression, which is easy to follow and accompanied by helpful illustrations labeled for easy reference, such as describing the parts of an airplane and the forces that work upon it during flight. The latter portion of the book also includes informative facts, activities, quizzes, and even a glossary of terms for kids to review what they have learned. Overall, this is a fun and informative read for young and old alike who want to learn more about this fascinating area.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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