"After he got the ring, he remembered everything..."

Denida, the President of the Underworld's archenemy Claus, kidnaps Denida's son Daniel, so that he can get out of Hell. The mastermind behind the plan is Lucifer, who has his own agenda and wants Denida's ring because of its power. While imprisoned, Daniel tells the story of his father's past—God wanted him to be destroyed at birth, but Lucifer saved him by taking his soul to Hell and training him to be the next master of darkness. Meanwhile, Denida, his wife Nina, and the Colonel are trying desperately to rescue the child, but things turn from bad to worse when Medusa returns to the picture—a powerful demon that Lucifer had sent to Earth to keep Denida's human form safe from God.

Scheel's epic fantasy boldly employs the mythos of Christianity and even older religions like Norse mythology. Readers will likely be surprised by the appearances of well-known religious figures. It's a world that makes readers ponder who or what is the real evil. Gabriel is one of the characters that illustrates this point. The famous archangel doesn't always agree with God's actions and is still maintains a frioendship with the Devil. The archangel is also the only one in heaven who knows the truth of what's in the tower—Lucifer's love and his child. Not only that, he visits them regularly and gives updates to Lucifer on how they are doing. In his youth, Denida had learned more from Gabriel than from either God or Lucifer. Ultimately, readers will be kept enthralled by the absorbing and complex plot.

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