by Trebbiano

"The only way to jump ahead was to keep my eyes open and learn from observing."

In his book, Trebbiano recounts events in his professional and personal life. For example, he had always wanted to become a chef. Years ago, he moved from Germany to Switzerland and got a job there in the hospitality industry. From there, his career kicked off, and he worked and gained experience in different countries, such as the United States, Canada, and India. Throughout his career, he was determined to learn as much as possible and develop new skills. His hard work and dedication paid off. He did not let anything get in his way. When confronted with difficult situations, he would always come up with solutions. He would always be happy to help and guide others. Over the years, Trebbiano would go on to become a remarkable chef that would not be afraid to take on various hats when needed.

The author dives deeply into his emotions without holding back. For example, when he married his wife, Margo, he explained how he felt when she got entangled with a church. He could feel that something was not right with it. He vividly depicts his moments of frustration when his wife would not listen to him. Later, his suspicions were confirmed when Margo confessed that the church turned out to be a cult that would take advantage of women sexually. Trebbiano also shows admirable courage by offering an honest account of his psychological state throughout his career when he encountered obstacles. For instance, he admits that he was fired once because he sent his résumé to a blind ad. He candidly reveals how this moment surprised him and how he was devastated by the event. However, he would move to get another job somewhere else. This book will inspire readers to pursue their dreams no matter what life throws them.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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