"We each have agency to choose how to react to life."

For those looking for tips, tools, inspiration, and infectious tenacity, author Yang sets out to give all of these to one’s job search. However, much of her enthusiasm spills over into life lessons, as well. For example, Yang tells an anecdote about her spouse being away for a year and her doing her makeup every day anyway to practice being as beautiful as possible for him. The point the author is making is that people should strive toward their best every single day. Morality and spirituality are also key points in Yang's advice on how to land a job, and her employment advice includes personal growth reminders. “Surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to tell you the reality or tell you that you are wrong.” Also, she reminds readers of the importance of caring deeply, "The best results come when you are passionate about what you are doing."

The book has a plethora of useful technical and tangible advice, too. For instance, not everyone is well-versed in the modern-day employment industry. A large percentage of job seekers are new to LinkedIn and recruiting companies. In the old days, job seekers went to the place they wanted to work, handed in a resume, and, if they were real go-getters, introduced themselves. Now for employment of all kinds, prospective employees need to make premium LinkedIn profiles and perhaps hire consultants in their weaker areas to help build their resume, sell themself, and promote their skills. Therefore, anyone looking for a job who is over forty-five could benefit especially from the wisdom found in this book. Yang offers excellent and practical advice, but her book is so much richer than just this. She is also a talented writer, and her passion for life and success is absolutely infectious. Her inspiring book could prove to be invaluable for many.

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