The Adventures with Robin Hood
by R.L Greenwood
Writer’s Apex

"Word of Robin’s arrest soon spread to Sherwood Forest and Little John called all the Merry Men together to free Robin."

King Richard of England is off on a crusade to reclaim the Holy Land from infidels and make life safe for Christians. In his place, his brother John ascends to his throne during the absence and quickly establishes an iron grip rule replete with taxes and unscrupulous lawmen who take delight in inflicting pain on any that oppose the new king. Robin Hood had been with King Richard when word of his ailing father brought him back to Sherwood Forest, only to find the Sheriff of Nottingham and his men had killed his family and burned their properties to the ground. Vowing revenge, Robin takes up life as an outlaw, assembling a group of “Merry Men” to stand opposed to King John’s tyranny and uphold the honor of their true king Richard until he is able to return.

This retelling of the popular and well-established legend of Robin Hood offers readers a chance to learn the backstory behind the characters that have withstood the test of time, such as Maid Marian, Little John, and Friar Tuck. Sticking largely to the established canon of Robin Hood, this title is best suited for those less familiar with Robin’s story. However, readers with only a surface-level knowledge of the Merry Men will still have some lesser-known or new characters to appreciate, like Alan-a-Dale and Penelope, a young girl who endures a similar fate as Robin Hood before being taken under his wing and trained as an archer. Succinct yet hitting all the most important details, this action-filled legend offers readers a quick excursion back in time with a true icon of fiction.

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