"By reorganizing our debt-based economy into an equity driven Enterprise, as it was in the beginning, we emerge debt free."

The author's book vibrantly presents how American enterprise is broken, explains who is winning the global enterprise war, and how the two-party political system has failed. Rhoads emphatically posits that America needs an effective third political party as a swing vote to cleanse the American system, proposing the party platform he has in mind. His approach is "not just populous but more inclined to reduce the size of our institutions and upsize the influence of our human capital…." He wants those who pay the bills to have "equitable representation." This volume, the first of three, effectively engages with current issues and advocates overcoming debt. Rhoads starts with a splashy quote from Patrick Henry ("Give me liberty or give me death") and equates enterprise with liberty and debt with death.

Rhoads also stresses civility, stemming from his background in a small farm community in Iowa called "God's Little Acre" in the 1940s. The town was totally dry, frowning on smoking, teen pregnancy, and divorces. "We had no minorities of color or religion," Rhoads explains. "…we were all poor to almost poor red neck white trash by today's standards." Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, two conservative leaders, inspired Rhoads to write this book proposing that "we restore old American style Enterprise that evolved out of the slave supported plantations and Aquarian farm communities into the cities of industrial blue collar workers and profit seeking white collar business owners serving our academic universities and institutions." He argues strongly that academic regulators stifle effectiveness to utilize what people learn without allowing the private sector to manage implementation. This book is a must-read for anyone, regardless of political preference or perspective. who might be contemplating political and economic change for the nation.

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