The Apathetical Man
by Gregory M. McLeod
Author Reputation Press

"Today all of my Hopes point me to God’s principles and his Son’s Words."

Author McLeod has lived through many remarkable events, sharing them here so others may learn to seek and find such a miraculous purpose for themselves. He recounts a childhood drawn from prodigious memory, raised in a quiet rural atmosphere but within a dysfunctional family grouping. Early on, he fell into experimentation with lust and later into the pit of drug addiction, the latter leading to rehab facilities and more dependence on the drugs provided by the medical profession. He resisted counseling in favor of the palliation of drugs but was finally diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. Those challenges were overcome by his gradual conversion to strong Christian belief. He had unusual experiences. For example, he once lost a very valuable chain of keys and, being urged by an inner voice to keep looking, drove out in the dead of night and found the keys shining in the moonlight alongside a highway miles from home. Such happenings deepened his faith and encouraged him to record his experiences for others.

McLeod states that his life changes came through choice, and offers lengthy, often highly perceptive, metaphors and fables to support that assertion, all relating to his Christian convictions. He writes with energy and a personable style that frequently includes the phrase “no kidding,” as though he and the reader were in a one-on-one conversation. His unique visions and communications with God have enlivened his duties as a part-time preacher and a powerful confessor among many congregations. The book contains many scriptural references vividly explored and explained. His work covers subjects such as the sins of idolatry, witchcraft, and emulations, and there are numerous comparisons to machinery that the author has encountered in his working life. This book focuses on hard-won faith and could provide engaging guidance for group discussion and personal seeking.

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