"Attractiveness and seductiveness are energies, and they are ones you can tune into and tune out of when you don’t feel like attracting romantic or sexual attention."

Those who are tired of dating without finding true passion and love will find this book to be refreshing and uplifting. By focusing on feminine seduction, the book explores ways to incorporate attraction, sexual tension, and emotional connection. All three, the author states, are necessary ingredients for success in the art of feminine seduction. The author discusses personal energetic frequencies and the importance of reclaiming one’s feminine power, even after experiencing major disappointments in the dating process. Feminine energy, the author explains, is internally focused, whereas male energy is externally focused. This makes sense when one considers human procreation. Further, she states, both sexes incorporate male and female energies, but each one of us will feel more comfortable expressing one over the other. In this down-to-earth guidebook, the author gives her reader practical exercises and veteran guidance for finding love while protecting one’s own feminine power.

Page reveals much of her own dating challenges, and yes, sometimes failures, which will make the reader feel more confident and reassured in their own dating journey. Citing passionate female icons like Cleopatra and Catherine the Great, the author discusses the importance of female power and seductiveness. Page includes lists of thought-provoking questions to ask oneself when considering one’s own “Vision of Love” and encourages her readers to diagnose their own “Love Blocks.” By including personal and intimate stories of sex and seduction, the author encourages her readers to feel comfortable about their own sexual experiences. Overall, this is a well-organized guidebook on feminine seduction that will not only appeal to women who are hoping to find a lasting partner in love but also to those who are wanting to live fully in their own female power.

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