"I hope these words filled with intention and passion will be to you as a seed that generates new questions that make sense in your path."

The universal quest to understand how to be human and navigate pathways for a fulfilling life has many philosophical responses worthy of deep discussion and exploration. Many guides for living build on the yearning people have for certainty in their lives and infinite wisdom about the world's ways. However, Carlson's approach is founded on the power of not knowing, which opens up a life to possibilities, wonder, and unexpected outcomes. Using philosophical history and practical principles, Carlson invites readers to question fixed mindsets and see themselves as works in progress, still seeking who they are and who they might be.

Carlson wisely expands philosophical concepts with personal experiences, situational hypotheticals, and lessons from therapy sessions. Carlson also explores the art of not knowing in relation to particular areas of life like parenting, relationships, and mortality. She inspires readers to be "curious seekers" on life's journey, which will open multiple pathways for seeing and experiencing the world. This wisdom invokes a resounding, decisive cry of "yes" as Carlson celebrates the value of an open heart and mind about identity and who people are becoming as they grow and learn in their lives.

With a combination of practical application and philosophical foundations, Carlson strikes a balance that encourages thought and action. Readers seeking transformation in their lives through the hard work of discovery will find an excellent guide in Carlson. Her depth of knowledge, calming tone, and challenging precepts will likely alter one's way of seeing life. The impact is transformative on individuals and even can extend into companies and businesses that seek a more inclusive environment in which to work. Carlson's guide is the work of the future as people rely less on traditional, fixed ways of thinking and build on innovative, flexible pathways.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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