The Beauty in Ms. White
by C.O.B.
Grey Line Press

"I have come to discover that there is nothing to do in the quiet but listen, either to my surroundings or my own thoughts."

Carlos Castillo is a manager of a shoe store in a mall. In his early thirties, he first took the job to pay his bills until he became a successful writer. With two unsold, self-published works to his name, he now feels trapped by his life. However, when he must move because his apartment complex is sold, he begins to think this could be the start of a new life for him. Settled in his new apartment, he realizes he can see into the bedroom of the building next door from his bathroom. He spies a slightly older, attractive woman lying in bed, reading. This begins an instant attraction toward, and obsession over, the woman. Through this obsession, he begins jogging and writing again. He becomes determined to find a way to realize his infatuation.

C.O.B. is a good writer. The story moves along at a steady pace, and many sentences delightfully stand out. It is hard to really like the protagonist in the beginning. However, as he becomes more obsessed and erratic in his thinking, he becomes more human and worthy of empathy. By the middle of the book, C.O.B. has fully engaged the reader in the story. Once the protagonist decides to actively engage the object of his affection, the reader gets a quick idea of where this may be heading. The rest of the story unfolds just as the reader predicts, which may come across as a bit anticlimactic for some. Still, this story is a quick and well-written read, and many will undoubtedly enjoy the journey.

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