The Box and My Trouble Getting It
by Bruce Tryon
Proisle Publishing Services

"Everyone was quiet, reflecting on the harrowing events and waiting for the next crisis."

Joneb works on Captain Milroy's spaceship. Most of the crew members are related to the Captain. Joneb likes it there and wishes to become part of this family. He is taken by Captain Milroy's niece, Rojas. One day, they dock at the Durban Outpost in the Danube solar system, and the Captain orders Joneb to go to the general cargo office to get a box. Unfortunately, an explosion destroys the cargo bay at the outpost. Somehow, Joneb makes it out alive with the box. The Captain finds it suspicious that it took Joneb hours to return to the ship. However, they find evidence that he did not cause the explosion. Consequently, Joneb is cleared of any wrongdoing and restored to his duties. The Captain trusts Joneb's reliability and assigns him to assist with their upcoming mission.

In his literary work, Tryon fearlessly delves into the theme of family and belonging. This is powerfully demonstrated through Joneb’s intense yearning to become part of the family due to the deep-seated values it represents: unwavering loyalty, unbreakable trust, and boundless love. Each character possesses a distinct and forceful voice that is reflected through their dialogue, providing readers with unparalleled insight into their robust personalities and unwavering characteristics. Joneb, a shining example of a man with unflappable courage, is portrayed as one who is willing to stop at nothing to complete his tasks. The narrative is filled with stunningly crafted plot twists that will seize the reader's attention and keep them on the edge of their seat. Overall, this book presents readers with a gripping and assertive examination of family dynamics, love, and loyalty that is sure to leave a lasting impact.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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