The Buster Clan: An American Saga
by K.P. Kollenborn

"Every success gained, or lost, would not have been possible if a bit of the gambling bug hadn’t infected their ambitions to pursue the American dream."

The act of tracing one’s ancestral roots is not an easy task, as an abundance of time and resources are needed. Kollenborn desired to learn more about her family history. The family name “Buster” came with an equal amount of cache and notoriety. William Buster is the first recorded arrival on American shores, though the date of birth and the immigration date are debatable. Prejudice and persecution in an increasingly fractured Europe led to Buster’s emigration. Buster and fellow Scotch-Irish immigrants would come to dominate the Shenandoah Valley. The Busters that followed in his wake would leave enduring footprints in the American colonies. Busters would lay their lives on the line in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. The men and women that populated the Buster clan were not perfect, but many led lives of note leading to the present.

Kollenborn’s book is an all-embracing view of a family spanning four centuries and covers a variety of engaging characters. The author has done more than a commendable job of tracing more than ten generations and bringing many of the Busters’ life stories to light for readers to enjoy. Kollenborn doesn’t flinch at confronting the foibles and failings of her antecedents, and this only serves to make her work even more powerful. There were farmers and soldiers, prospectors and senators that formed branches of the large family tree. The history of the Busters can be viewed alongside the path of the United States as it came into its own over time. This is an engaging, large-scale biography with historical tidbits scattered throughout. It should hold a broad appeal for both history and genealogy lovers.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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