The Clovis Dig
by Teri Fink
Evolved Publishing

"Thank heavens. Otherwise, school would be as intolerable as this place."

What happens when removing a few inches of dirt transforms your life forever and reveals your destiny? That is where this exhilarating story begins. Set in the beautifully described Wenatchee Valley near the Cascade Mountains, apple orchardist Claire Courtney makes a modest living. Then ancient artifacts are discovered on her land. Before long, Claire finds herself thrown into the middle of a massive archaeological dig and a slow-burning conflict between two rivals.

Given the sheer volume of literature produced each year, it can sometimes be hard to find true works of such striking excellence as this tiny gem of a book. There are never any cheap or outlandish expressions towards society's inability to let one out of a racial box or any exaggerated dramatics about family life restrictions in this multicultural novel. Instead, everything is presented in an engaging narrative structure that allows events to unfold slowly, giving the reader room to breathe as the recollections blossom.

There is a transformational quality about the author's text. The voices that spring out of every page seem to come from the mist of time and the furthest reaches of the human experience. It is effortless for the reader to be transported in this richly created literary world. One sees as the curtain slowly falls even more as the author spins a complex web of secrets and revelations that keep the audience engaged throughout. The book has some of the most creative and fully fleshed-out characters in modern fiction. The novel's narrative is both nuanced and breezy, and its visuals are compelling and revealing. In short, this is a wonderful and engaging literary experience that can't fail to bring one enjoyment.

A 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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