"Standing confident in the mirror, Lily tells herself, 'I am ready for our camping trip!'"

In this latest addition to the author's series, Lily is a clumsy young lion constantly learning and experiencing the many new things the world has to offer. The storyline follows Lily, her parents, and her little brother on their annual summer family camping trip. Lily has many tasks she has to accomplish throughout the trip, helping her to grow into an independent young woman.

Her first job is to pack all by herself for the journey. After a clumsy mishap while heading out the door, Lily is comforted by her mom, reminding her that she is never completely alone. As soon as they reach the camping spot, Lily tries to set up her tent by herself, but she soon realizes she needs to ask for help. Lily's dad teaches her how to set up the tent and demonstrates that it is never a bad idea to ask for help. Lily learns several other skills throughout the camping trip, from fishing to roasting marshmallows. At the end of the day, Lily is tired and proud of herself for all she has accomplished.

This children's book is an excellent resource for parents to teach their young children about the importance of never giving up and asking for help. Lily's adventures are relatable to elementary school children who are becoming more independent and enjoying new experiences. Lily's parents demonstrate a healthy parent-child relationship. They never stifle their adventurous daughter or prevent her from trying new things, and they are always available to pick her up when she falls. Parents and children alike will enjoy this easy-to-read story as they explore new situations in their own lives.

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