"Can we be so arrogant as to profess we are so powerful we can actually control Climate?"

Jablecki's short book provides an alternative view to the current climate crisis debate. The author opens the discussion by explaining why he believes climate change is not caused by human activity. He presents specific key points, which are defined then followed by graphs, charts, and diagrams. The overall assertion is that the planet has undergone millions of years of climate change cycles and will continue to do so regardless of human behavior. The extreme weather shifts we are experiencing may cause us to panic. However, they do not deviate from the planet's historical climate patterns. He makes an argument for how politicians often benefit from the narrative that humans have caused and therefore can stop this dramatic shift. In the end, he proposes humans focus on preparing for this next climate cycle rather than erroneously trying to stop the inevitable.

The author's writing style demonstrates his knowledge and passion for climate science. Jablecki clearly states his position in the introduction. He also provides adequate data and references to warrant his point of view. The book is a good balance of digestible concepts and more dense scientific content, and the discussion seems to alternate between technical and more conversational language. Topics are submitted at a quick pace. Jablecki's work is likely to appeal the most to readers with science backgrounds. A divisive undertone to the narrative may weaken its effectiveness with some audiences but attract others. The abrupt closure of the book will likely leave readers wanting more. Overall, Jablecki has crafted an interesting and thought-provoking read.

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