The Cottage
by William Thon

"Taverns across England speak in huddles on how to defend the old ways against sword, fire, and scorn."

The battle between old and new religions is a tale almost as old as time, particularly as it pertains to pagan ones versus Christianity. The author tells a captivating story that takes a new but familiar spin on the concept. In its essence, it is a story of courageous mystical beings trying to survive in a world that wants them extinct. Porius, an ancient wizard who keeps the old ways, protects magical beings and the pagan rites against an endless tide of Christian persecutors across Europe.

While Thon's prose is charged with social commentary on Christianity's rise during the Middle Ages, it is constructed in an original, artful, and entertaining manner. A perfect balance of humor, action, and drama will make the reader laugh, cry, and excitedly anticipate the next chapter. The characters themselves are complex and dynamic individuals who are relatable to the modern reader while offering a window into history itself. The characters' courage as they struggle to survive in a world that turns against its own is a heart-wrenching tale but imbues the reader with a sense of wonder mixed with indignation.

While the prose is engaging throughout the story, the switch between present and past tense can sometimes be jarring. However, this does not detract from the overall story nor its message or characters. Thon's book will likely appeal to readers who delight in dabbling in historical fiction that gives a unique yet familiar atmosphere along with a magical vibe. It will open a door to the imagination, leaving a magical imprint on the reader's heart.

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