"Creationism and evolutionism share a common weakness: their advocates were not present at the time of the alleged events to justify their choice."

Ebifegha, a scholar of science and religion, debunks Darwin’s theory of evolution in this thoughtful comparison of creationism and evolutionism. While sometimes a bit repetitive and dogmatic, the articulate narrative leaves no base uncovered in the historical, theological, and scientific exploration of the ongoing debate between proponents of divine creation as outlined in Judeo-Christian scriptures versus the atheistic viewpoint of natural selection as proposed by Charles Darwin. As such, Ebifegha’s arguments are limited to the standard religious–scientific debate. Not addressed in this discussion are other viewpoints regarding the origin of life in the universe, such as Buddhism, a non-theistic, non-atheistic philosophy with no creator God, or the possibility of a divine creation that includes an evolutionary system.

Ebifegha thoroughly documents the fine points of his support of creationism in each of the twelve chapters and his conclusion with robust bibliographical end notes. He writes that the terms creation and evolution are facts of life; however, in terms of worldviews concerning life's origin, the topic of creation is almost synonymous with "sacred" religion. The topic of evolution, on the contrary, is almost synonymous with "secular" religion. The text explores with convincing gravitas the many details that must be considered to support an honest debate between the merits and weaknesses of the two oppositional philosophical paths, which are sometimes more in agreement with science than is popularly supposed. The author points out the many eminent scientists who are well-acquainted with the weaknesses in Darwin’s theory and who embrace the interpretation of divine creation. Those who feel that the jury is still out on this debate and wish to know more about its particulars might find Ebifegha’s intriguing work fits the bill.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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