The Divine Journey: From the Ego to the Sacred Heart
by Nikki Friedlander

"Mystery is what I AM, and we are the great creative force of life itself surfing on a sea of universal consciousness."

A novel combined with a nonfiction component, this story explores one woman's life. It recounts her trials and tribulations and recalls the joy, compassion, and spirituality she learns throughout the journey. The book is based on the true story of the author's life as she navigates her career, family, and ego issues while working to become a better person. She continues to search for a spiritual path—a path that her husband, David, is not understanding. He struggles with the costs, both monetary and emotional, of her attending temple and workshops, buying books, going to ashrams, and her yoga participation. But they are able to develop a different level of love while she examines what is most important to her: her love of life with her Creator.

Interspersed throughout the book are "Interludes," which describe various actual events of her life, including her spiritual guides and gurus. Also included are a Rumi poem and the value of a yoga book which led her to accept her husband's death.

This well-written autobiographical novel examines a high-flying life and the stop-and-go journey into developing a higher self. The Interludes add insight into her process—from her childhood struggles to the developments during her adulthood and her intellectual and spirit-filled growth— which helped her work towards letting go of her egoic self and enabled her to focus on heart and soul needs. Overall, the book is a nice look into one person's journey, as experienced in a higher level of consciousness. It shows the beauty and joy of such spirituality.

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