The Dragon Commons
by Tiffany Clavecilla
Author Reputation Press

"How do you endure metamorphosis?"

In this epic fantasy, the world is vastly different. Humans and creatures are confined to their own realms by choice or nature. Some areas are uninhabitable for humans and deadly, with vegetation that nurtures its inhabitants while horrifically killing any human coming in direct contact with it. Trees grow upside down with roots reaching skyward, and native creatures engage in mutually beneficial connections with the roots, keeping both the trees and creatures alive. Wealthy humans have evolved into pure consumers. Mobilized by electronic chairs serving to take them from meal to meal, they have grown so obese they have no need for legs and have morphed into rotund torsos with heads. Giant worms live obscurely underground and away from all others in existence. However, with the metamorphosis of the large creatures known as Wyrms, the whole world faces destruction. In the end, humans, dragons, and worms learn what real change entails.

Fantasy, philosophy, and romance combine in surprising ways in this novel. As the previously blind and toothless giant worms begin to emerge from the ground with a horrifying appetite for flesh, the author creates a world out of balance—or perhaps one in the process of attaining balance. That is the beauty of this novel. Its story is not merely another tale of the battle between good and evil. Instead, it is a treatise on the nature of love, beauty, and acceptance. One finds beautifully written, thought-provoking passages throughout which delight the senses. The characters are well-rounded and cast in a unique and sometimes horrifying plot that will find readers hard-pressed to put the book down. Clavecilla writes with heart, compassion, and precision. This book begs for a second reading to savor both the author’s insights into human nature and her impressive use of vocabulary.

Honorable Mention in the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award E-Book Fiction Category

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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