The Dragon’s Zenith
by Jason F. Boggs
Mill City Press

"They attack us because they’re secretly scared of us, scared of our will to be free."

This third book in the Dragon Trilogy begins where The Dragon’s Harvest left off as Nelson accepts and mourns the death of his brave android friend, Botany, who was so nearly human that Nelson found it hard to remember this was not the case. Along with his new love, Alene, the Empress of the Great Tribe, and his daughter, Liana, Nelson wants only to move on with his life. But the realization that Ira Bilis is still alive and in a headlong rush to steal the Complex away from Botany’s creator has left Nelson and his friends scrambling to become battle ready once again. Ira’s intentions have been known and feared by humans and aliens alike. A dynamic leader will need to be chosen if freedom is to be won from the farmers. While Nelson and his friends bring everything they have to the fight, Ira stays one step ahead of them to thwart their plans.

The dystopian world Boggs portrays in his science fiction Dragon Trilogy is alive with diversity. The friction between characters creates an action-packed story as each life form shares technology, working together for their ultimate goal of freedom and justice. Boggs brings conflict between lovers and enemies to the pages as aliens and humans work against each other and together to end the torment from the farmers. Their moments of humor blend well with the constant conflict. The author’s dialogue moves quickly to embrace and engage the characters. The pages will turn rapidly, continuing to pique any imagination until the dynamic climax is reached.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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