"Consider your dream pursuit a grand adventure in which you are a key character."

Dreams for one's life that arise from passions and needs are worthy pursuits because they give a life purpose and spring from the deepest desires of one's heart and mind. Pastor, consultant, and coach Meyer offers a framework for helping people clarify the dreams they have for their lives. He then teaches people how to pursue those dreams by providing practical strategies. Meyer has developed three habits that will help people bring their dreams into the world in all their vibrant glory. Habit One will help readers identify the dream they want to pursue and will offer ways to nourish that dream. Habit Two will offer exercises and wisdom about the things that stand in the way of going after what people really want in life. In this discussion, Meyer dives deep into the role fear plays in people’s lives. Finally, Habit Three offers ways to use the power of visualization to help people bring their dreams to fruition.

Meyer provides examples from case studies, references from movies and stories, and useful metaphors that convey his message with clarity and accessibility. He also incorporates useful prompts, questions, and exercises to help readers take action toward their dreams even in the midst of discouragement or doubt. The author is committed to demystifying dreams and offering a practical guide to transforming lives through action. For example, his Dream Generator asks readers and dreamers to write a brief statement of their dream, identify the who and how of the dream, and describe the spark for the dream as well as the risk and the reward. He also suggests that dreamers write a five-year descriptive narrative of the dream, which begins to make the dream more concrete and clear, a “crystallized” vision that can now inspire action. These exercises are engaging and will help people overcome the “Killer D’s": discouragement, doubt, distraction, delay, and defeat.

Bringing a dream into the world is difficult work, but Meyer inspires readers with encouragement and pushes for productive action in their pursuit of dreams. With warmth and wisdom, Meyer is a steady guide that helps readers clear the way for transformation and realized dreams. Anyone who has heard the calling in their lives to start a new career or forge a new path will benefit from Meyer’s book, especially when the voices of negativity grow louder and the belief in impossibilities grows stronger. The exercises and advice the author provides will effectively quiet those voices and will uproot those weeds that are dream killers. Meyer believes fervently that unmet dreams or dreams deferred can turn to anger, bitterness, and resentment. Acting on our dreams may be hard work, but living without our dreams is more costly, according to Meyer. This book can free the reader from the fear and uncertainty that holds one back from living the life of one’s dreams. The author encourages and guides readers with persuasive insight and authentic examples. Meyer’s work is thought-provoking and instructive and will help readers move boldly in the direction of their dreams.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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