"The Qrie are the creators or, as they prefer, ‘the assemblers’ of the universe."

Breath Spring is an intuitive teenager who leaves home to attend Melbourne College. However, this intelligent, sensitive girl belongs, as does her family, to a select group of people known as the Qrie. Part human, part Qrie, they communicate with the Qrie, or creators, through telepathy. Breath has been hearing the voice of GP (Galactic Prime) ever since she can remember. GP has advised her through all the trials of childhood. Now, as she is growing older, she is beginning to learn to harness her powers and is ready to connect with others of her kind. Some believe that these Star Children, as they're called in the online publication Star Child Quest, might be the saviors of mankind. Others hate them. It's only a matter of time before the Qrie are discovered. Will they successfully establish diplomatic ties with humanity, and will Breath escape her enemies?

This sci-fi adventure is fast-paced and filled with plot twists that keep the action interesting. Breath is a fully rounded character whose extraordinary abilities give her the status of a superhero. Though she is young, she is fierce in her determination to help where needed in the service of the world's military. As she learns and understands more about herself and her connection to the Qrie, she also begins to connect with others, enhancing the storyline. The ability of the Qrie to compel mortals never to reveal what they know about them is a compelling plot element. The novel pulls the reader in from the first page with its unusual protagonist and plot. There are added philosophical discussions throughout that are also intriguing. This one will leave readers with a few things to consider and a second book to anticipate.

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