"Watch for those gentle souls, the ones who walk through life quietly, making their mark on the world with gentle gifts of love."

In this inspiring story of love, faith, and a life well-lived, Fulce shares the powerful testimony of his dearly departed wife, Yolanda (Mendez) Fulce. He tells of love-at-first-sight high school sweethearts whose endearing romance of movies, dances, and drag car races laid the foundation for a marriage that spanned half a century. Fulce’s account of starting a family amid financial challenges highlights the stark contrast between his cynicism and Yolanda’s faith during the early years of their marriage. But Yolanda’s quiet yet persistent prayers for her husband’s salvation were answered. Together, they shared a life of adventure—raising a family, owning a comic book store, meeting famous athletes and celebrities, and traveling. Wherever God planted them, they ministered. Yolanda’s compassion led her to open their home to anyone in need. Her love for children enabled them to build multiple successful youth ministries.

The book includes heartfelt reflections from family members, friends, and neighbors about Yolanda’s infectious laugh, work ethic, self-sacrifice, and love for every person she encountered. Fulce also gives a heart-wrenching account of Yolanda’s battle with cancer and the many subsequent life-threatening conditions that plagued her last days. Rather than setting a tone of despair, the author imparts inspiration by focusing on Yolanda’s indomitable spirit and faith. He shares his and Yolanda’s multiple encounters with angels, miraculous healings, divine protection, and hardened hearts converted to saved souls. Most remarkably, there are numerous examples of Yolanda using her illness as a ministry opportunity to pray for others battling illness, friends with ailing relatives, and even the members of her healthcare team. While errors in proofreading detract somewhat from the book’s flow, the narrative still beautifully captures Yolanda’s legacy: countless souls touched by a woman who was a conduit for the love of Christ and a family filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

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